Sausages & Roast Vegetables


It was relatively warm for a little while but has gone colder again, apparenlty it’ll be as cold as -2C tomorrow.  Winter in England is very long… but we saw a lot of daffodils everywhere when we went out today.

今日のディナーは、Marks & Spencers のアップルソーセージをオーブンで焼きました。一緒に焼いたパースニップとエルサレム・アーティチョークと、いつものようにニンニクと一緒に蒸し炒めにしたインゲンとキャラメライズした玉ねぎとグレービー。また、インゲン以外は茶色のご飯ですが、美味しかったです。

Today’s dinner was Apple Sausages from M&S with roast vegetables. We just cooked them altogether on a tray in the oven for about 30 minutes.  The vegetables were parsnips and Jeursalem articokes.  We also had green beans (steam/stir-fried with garlic), and we made caramelised onion gravy.  Apart from the green beans, it’s all a bit brown, but we enjoyed it very much.





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