Mapo Glass Noodles & Gyoza


The weather wasn’t very nice today, it rained a little now and again and was quite cold outside.  Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like it’s going to be wintery temperatures for a while, although it’s good that not much rain is expected.  However, I must say that the weather forecast here seems to change often every day so you cannot rely on it.


Today’s dinner was a cheat one, Mapo Glass Noodles (stir-fry) using the seasoning mixture that my sister sent to me and some of the gyoza that we made and froze sometime ago.  In the Mapo Glass Noodles, we put carrot, baby leek, spring onion and bean sprouts.  I don’t think I’ve ever had it in a restaurant and my Mum didn’t used to cook it so I don’t really know what it’s supposed to be like, but it tastes good with some added Dobanjan for extra spicyness.











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