Carrot & Cumin Soup And Chicken, Orange & Beet Salad




Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.

Soup was carrot soup with some onion, cumin and coriander.  It was very sweet and tasty.

The chicken for the salad was cooked in my usual way – marinading in lemon juice, garlic & olive oil then seared in a pan and finished of by cooking in the oven.  We ran out of rocket and romaine lettuce for salad, so we used kale.  We had kale before but neither my husband or I really liked it.  However, I ordered kale again last week thinking we should try the method that everyone seems to be doing, which is to massage with salt and olive oil.  We still didn’t like it!  We used kale, tomato, orange, beet & mint for the salad and used lemon juice, olive oil, honey, salt & pepper to dress it.  I miss the chicken, avocado & mango salad that we used to have often in Singapore, we haven’t been able to have it here because we haven’t found good avocado or mango here.









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