House Renovation / Craft Room Finally Completed!


My craft room has finally been completed!!  At last!!!  It took them 6 months as the first work started in the middle of November.  We still need to have a blind installed for the window, but the renovation work has finished.


The 2 panels at the front slide sideways. After thinking for a long time and changing my mind a couple of times, I decided to go for one black and one white panel.  They have been painted with magnetic paint.  I don’t know how much I would use magnetic panels but I thought they look nicer than showing all the book cases and I’m happy with the look.















It’s still very dusty everywhere so needs a thorough cleaning, but once cleaned we’ll get the boxes of craft stuff back and I’ll have to go throught them deciding the home for every item so it’s easy for me to find everything and also we need to put all the books in the bookshelves.  Then we’ll put tables in the middle, then I can finally start crafting again.  I think it’ll take a while for me to do all that but am happy that the room is finally done.


I haven’t taken photos but there are two storage areas behind the walls closer to the door in the last photo.  Shelves have been installed in the right side so we can use it like a pantry and we have put a fridge and a freezer in the left one.  The fridge freezer in the kitchen is too small for us and I’m happy we now have a lot of space in the fridge and the freezer, we can start buying larger amounts of bread, for example, and freeze it, which makes our life easier.



So, the main house renovation has finished although there are still some pieces of furniture that we are waiting for and some shelves to be installed in the utility area.  Phew!

The next major project is the garden.  I thought we’ll be waiting for a long time but now it’s only 4 months or less ahead.  We are really looking forward to our new garden!



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