Choux Filled With Ice Cream


As we had a big lunch, we had something light for an evening meal – just scrambled egg with sauteed onion on toast.  However, we did have a dessert as there were 2 Religieuses left from yesterday and they had to be eaten by the end of today as there is custard cream inside.  There was also one empty choux (I didn’t have enough cream to fill all of the ones I made yesterday) so we filled it with ice cream and had a half each.







This is the problem when you bake sweets at home, specially if they are the type that don’t keep for long, there is often too much for two of us to eat in a short time.  My Religieuses were far from good looking and I felt quite embarrased but I really didn’t want to throw them away and we knew we wouldn’t be able to eat all by the end of today, so I asked my husband to take 2 (the best 2 of course) to our neighbour because they tasted good even though they didn’t look good.





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