Craft Room Update


We have finally had the craft room boxes back from the storage.  It looks like there are about 100 boxes.  We had 560 boxes in total when we moved, about 100 is craft stuff, about 100 or more is books (70 of cookery books and there were many boxes of my husband’s books), so it was a little more than 300 boxes of other stuff.






I hear that when a Japanese family moves overseas for a job or when they move back, they usually have fewer than 100 boxes in total.  (As far as I know non-Japanese in general have as many or more boxes than we did.  Japanese in general live in smaller houses/apartments and they also stay in one country just for a few years whereas many non-Japanese I know stayed longer.)



Probably 80% of the boxes have card-making stuff and the rest have things like painting things, beads for jewellery making etc.  I got rid of tons of fabric I was collecting for patchwork when we moved from Hong Kong to Singapore because I didn’t think I would do patchwork again and I got rid of anything I thought I would not do again before we moved from Singapore, too.  A lot of card making stuff cannot be stacked up so they take a lot of boxes.

I’ll start unboxing today – my husband will kindly help me, too.



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