Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe

火曜日は Petworth の美容院に行ったのですが、丁度ランチタイムに終わったのでどこかでランチをして戻ってくる予定にしました。ただ、Petworth はとても素敵な街なのに食事をするところがあまりないのです。ロックダウン前は気に入っていたカフェがあったのですがクローズしてしまったので、丁度前日に久しぶりに会ったインテリア・デザイナーさんにどこかないかお聞きしてみたところ、あまりチョイスがないけど、Midhurst のすぐ近くに Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe というカフェ併設のファームショップがあると教えていただき、そこに行ってみました。先日行ったコッツウォルズのファームショップほど大規模ではなかったですが、ちょっとおしゃれなものを置いているお店や植物を置いているナーサリーもあったり、ファームショップもそこそこ品揃えがありました。ホテルやスパのような施設もあるようです。

We went to Petworth on last Tuesday because I had my hair cut there.  As my haircut was going to finish around lunch time we wanted to have lunch near there, but the cafe we used to like in Petworth had closed down during the lockdown and we hadn’t seen any other proper cafe or restaurant.  Our interior designer came over on Monday for something, so we asked her if she knew anywhere and she told us that there aren’t a lot of choices but there is “Cowdray Farm Shop & Cafe“, which is quite good – so that’s where we tried.  It wasn’t half as large as the farm shop we’d been to in the Cotswolds but it has a little life-style shop, a farm shop with quite a good range, a cafe, a nursery and apparently they also have a hotel and a “wellbeing” facility.














I had a Bacon, Tomato & Lettuce sandwich and my husband also had some sort of a sandwich.  Nothing special, qiute a standard sandwich for England, but the cafe is quite large and their menu seemed quite good.





We saw quite a few houses with these yellow window frames in and near Midhurst.



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