Mushroom Risotto

今日のディナーは、マッシュルームのリゾットでした。Cookidoo のレシピで Thermomix TM6 を使って夫が作ってくれました。前回初めて作ったときにちょうど良い硬さ、クリーミーさに仕上がったので、ドライポルチーニを使ったこと以外はレシピ通り、とても美味しかったです。


Today’s dinner was Mushroom Risotto.  We used Cookidoo’s recipe and made it using the Thermomix TM6 last time and the donness of the rice and the creaminess was just right so we used the same recipe again today.  I say “we” but my husband made it.  We did use dry porcini as well as fresh mushrooms, that is the only difference to the recipe.

I set the white balance on my camera wrongly so all the photos looked strange, it wasn’t possible to get the colours right.





The dessert was, of course, Dacquoise aux myrtilles.  Yummy!





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