French Patisserie Lesson ( via Zoom) / Dacquoise aux Myrtilles & Verrines aux Mangues Coco



* Dacquoise aux Myrtilles (ブルーベリーのダッコワーズケーキ)

* Verrines aux Mangues Coco (マンゴーとココナッツのグラスデザート)


I took this month’s “French Patisserie Lesson” that my friend runs on Zoom.  This time it was a lot quicker and easier than last month’s, I didn’t feel confused with ingredients and I felt I was in control.

We learned how to make

  • Daquoise aux Myrtilles (Blueberry Daquoise)
  • Verrines aux Mangues Coco (Mango & Coconut Glass Dessert)


Daquoise aux Myrtilles ブルーベリーのダッコワーズケーキ。ダッコワーズは大好きなのでとても楽しみでした。クリームをのせると湿気てきてしまうので当日食べる方が美味しい、ということで夫と半分ずつ食後に一気にいただきましたが、ぺりろと食べてしまいました。12センチなのでそれほど大きくはないのですけどね。



Here is Daquoise au Mytrilles.  I love Daquoise so I was looking forward to making this.  Once you put cream it’ll start getting soggy so it’s better to eat on the day so we had a half each after dinner, we didn’t have any problem with finishing it.  The whole cake is 12cm diameter so it’s not very big.

I took the photos with cute background today.






Verrines aux Mangues Coco (マンゴーとココナッツのグラスデザート)。グラスが大きめだったので、レシピでは4つ分の量を2つにしたのですが、マンゴームースを入れ過ぎました(笑)。マンゴームースの上にココナッツゼリー、その上にマンゴーピューレ、そしてマンゴーの果肉がのっています。


Verrines aux Mangues Coco (Mango & Coconut Glass Dessert).  As our glasses were bigger than the recipe’s, I used the amount for 4 glasses to make 2, but I poured in too much mango mousse.  On toop of mango mousse, there is coconut jelly then mango puree then mango.

I bought mangoes online from a speciality shop and bought 2 in case one wasn’t good, and when I cut the first one it had already started to change the colour inside and didn’t look good.  The 2nd one looked OK but it was very soft but there was a lot of fiber so it was very hard to cut, it kept getting crushed.  I just managed to get enough for 2 glasses.  We haven’t had them yet, we’ll enjoy them tomorrow.





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