Lyndurst – Dinner 2 & 3(Italian)

Lyndhurst での2日目のディナーは既にアップしたように、家で冷凍していたガスパチョでした。

The dinner on our 2nd day was Gazpacho that we took from our freezer as I’ve already blogged.


The dinner on our 3rd day was at an Italian, “Enzee Ristorante”.  I think the chef and the owner are Italian.  This is one of the favourite restaurants of our friends but it was always empty when we were there last because it was winter and we didn’t try it then, so this was our first time.  This time it is the height of summer so it was very busy.  Our reservation was at 7.30 but I think it was around 10.00pm by the time we left the restaurant.  Comparing to Hong Kong and Singapore the service is very slow here so we just have to be patient, specially now as they are all very busy.


For the starter, my husband had Tomato & Mozzarella Salad (not Caprese because they had no basil but they drizzled some basil oil, my husband said he wasn’t able to taste much basil, though), and I had Tomato & Onion Bruschetta.  Although it said Bruscheeta the bread was more like plain pizza, the bread was very tasty but it was hard to eat as all the toppings fell off the bread as soon as I picked one piece up.  Tomatoes had no taste – but I guess that’s often the case in England.  For the main my husband had Lasagne, which didn’t have any white sauce and I don’t think he enjoyed it very much.  I had Spaghetti Amatriciana, which was just as I like.  The pasta had the right texture and the sauce was very tasty.  I wouldn’t use so much sauce myself, but outside Italy almost everyone seems to use too much sauce.  (If you click a photo it’ll be enlarged.)



Enzee Ristorante
2 Romsey Road

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