Our First House Guests & Dinner (Farmer, Butcher, Chef at Goodwood)


There are still a few things to be done to our house and we have been wating for the builder to come (we always need to push them), but all the major renovations are finished and all the rooms are lookng good now, so we had our first house guests since we moved in – my husband’s younger brother and his wife.


We saw them about a month ago in Winchester with my husband’s elder brother, his parter and their son but until then we hadn’t seen them for a long time because of the long lockdown.  We were looking forward to being able to see them often once we move to England but ironically we used to see them more often when we lived in Singapore.  Hopefully that’ll change now.

義弟夫婦のお誕生日が今月だったのでそのお祝いも兼ねて、Goodwood の「Farmer Butcher Chef」というレストランでディナーをしました。我が家から車で15分くらいのところにあるホテルのレストラン。大きな街なら美味しいところがたくさんあるのでしょうけれど、ここは田舎なのでやはりレストランのレベルがあまり高くなく、また行きたいと思うレストランはとても少ないです。そんな中、このレストランが今のところ一番美味しいかな、と思います。

Their birthdays were this month so we thought it would be nice to have dinner together – and went to “Farmer Butcher Chef” at Goodwood.  It’s about 15 minutes drive from our house.  I guess there are many good restaurants in larger cities but we live in the countryside and the choices are quite limited. There haven’t been many restaurants that we’ve tried and wanted to go back to but this is one of them.  So far I think I like this best out of the places we’ve tried around here.


The decor is very casual but looks very “in” and staff are all very friendly.  We’ve been to a few restaurants, where the staff aren’t wearing masks any more but the staff here were still doing so, which makes us feel a little safer.





My brother-in-law chose Pork Pie for his starter.





All the others had Tomato Tartare.  Looks very nice and it was good.







My husband had Pork Collar for the main.  It was put in front of me by mistake so I had one bite, which was very good, and didn’t taste too fatty.




My brother-in-law had Lamb.




His wife had Cod.





I had slow cooked beef tricep.  It was lovely and tender and tasty but quite strongly flavoured so it would have been nice to have something refreshing on the side.  I personally prefered the pork dish.





We also ordered 2 side dishes and shared.  One was new potatoes with Lardo and the other was some sort of cabbage dish.  The cabbage was too salty for me.





For dessert we both shared Custard Tart with Pear & Lemon Sorbet between two, it was very nice.





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