Wedding Anniversary Card – My First Handmade Card In My New Craft Room


Here is the first card I made in my new craft room – a wedding anniversary card for my husband.

オンライン・カード・クラス(Crushing on Cardstock) のビデオで拝見したカードを参考に作りました。きらきらも乗せては見たのですが、シンプルな方が好みだったので、今回は極力シンプル。4種類の色のカードストックを手で裂いて重ねてあるのですが、本当はもう少し不揃いに裂きたかったのに中途半端にガタガタしました。赤いカードストックはキラキラしたペーパーになっています。

I made it referring to a card I saw on the “Online Card Class” (Crushing on Cardstock) that I took recently.  I tried a few blings on the card but I decided I liked it better without and kept it simple.  I tore 4 different coloured pieces of card stock by hand (with a help of a ruler) so the edges have a torn look, but they didn’t get as “uneven” as I wanted, they seem to be too smooth to show off the natural handmade feel – but I still like it.  The red cardstock is glittered type.






And this is the card my husband gave me.






33 years is a long time, long enough for a new born baby to be a grown up 33 years old!  It seems unreal.  My married life is longer now than my life before marriage.

I’ve written this before in my blog many years ago, but I still think that marriage is like a raffle.  Of course it’s important for both of us to keep making an effort but I feel the compatibility has a lot to do with it and unless you go through a hard time together you don’t really know how compatible you are.  I feel we are very lucky.

I was of course very happy when I got married but the longer we are together the happier I feel with him and I am so grateful that we met and have been together.  At our age, we see some sad things happening to our dear friends, I am grateful that we are happy together and pray that this will continue for a long long time.




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  1. Happy anniversary from a long-time reader in Singapore 🙂

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Thank you very much 😊

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