Sausages, Egg & Chips


My husband managed to fill up our car today.  He told me the queue wasn’t very long, about 10 minutes.  Although the U.K. does have the problem of not having enough lorry drivers, it seems like the real problem of this particular ‘shortage’ was due to panic buying.  People seem to be buying containers of petrol as well as just filling up their car.  I can understand why people would do that, but that made the problem more serious.  I guess things are settling down now.




Today’s dinner was “Sausagess, Egg & Chips”, which is a very popular menu in pubs here and I assume people have this at home as well.  We have “English Breakfast” for dinner now and again but we haven’t had chips at home for ages and ages.  (It’s just frozen ones we bought and baked in the oven rather than deep-frying.)  The freezer in the kitchen is so small that we couldn’t put on a large bag of chips anyway, but we don’t in general have chips at home much, for some reason we don’t think of them.  Sausages are the apple sausages from M&S, which are juicy and a little sweet.



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