Fire Pit

お庭のパティオにある丸いものは、今回新しく設置した Solus のファイヤー・ピットです。最近、お庭にファイヤーピットを置く方が多いのですが、薪をくべるのは面倒なので設置しても使わないし、と思っていたのです。これはガスなのですぐにオン・オフが出来るので、気軽に使えます。近いうちにマシュマロを焼いたりしたいものです。


This round thing on the patio in our new garden is a fire pit from Solus.  As it’s gas type, we can easily turn it on and off, which makes it convenient to use.  I’m looking forward to grilling some marshmallows.

My husband is looking forward to sitting here and smoking a cigar.  He used enjoy smoking a cigar once a week (or less often) in Singapore, he loves spending an hour or so smoking a cigar, listening to music and drinking some scotch whisky.  However, he hasn’t smoked any cigars since we moved to England as he hadn’t bought any.  Now that we have this fire pit, we went to get a box on the weekend.  Unfortunately it rained in the evening on the day before and yesterday so he wasn’t able to smoke one, but hopefully he can very soon.




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