Mapo Harusame & Gyoza


It’s already November and there are only 2 months left this year, time seems to be flying faster and faster.  In England, I feel, it suddenly gets cold in November and it seems more like winter than autumn to me.  Looking at the forecast, the temperature will drop down to 3C  and the highest is only around 13C for a few days.


Our good friends called to say “We see your garden has been done, can we come and see it this afternoon?”, so we had tea with them while we chatted catching up with each other.  We used to see them quite often before and after we moved but now they are busy  for various reasons and we don’t seem to be seeing them as often.  We have seen them now and again but we realised that they hadn’t been to our house for quite a few months so hadn’t seen our new guest bedroom and some other bits and pieces.


Today’s dinner was Mapo Harusame (spring rain or glass noodles) and Gyoza that we bought online.  I read that the guy who makes these gyoza loves goza so much and had been to Japan to eat them (or to learn how to make them??) so I hoped they would be good.  It’s always the best to make them yourselves but getting garlic chives isn’t easy and the delivery fee is so high for the value of them.


The gyoza were, we thought, quite good when we had the first one, but the seasoning was too strong and we didn’t enjoy it after the 3rd.  Also they were so large, with so much filling and so much meat.  I like gyoza’s crispy skin so I prefer much less filling.  I guess English people would not be happy if they weren’t filled full.  The taste is quite similar to real Japanese gyoza except that it was too salty so if they used less salt and less filling we would love them.  The sauce that came with it was too sweet.






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