Sausage Casserole


Today’s dinner was Suasage Casserole.  Here, almost all the sausages you can get in supermarkets are English sausages so when we want German or Italian sausages I need to order from London.  As we like to get free shipping, we tend to order a large amount, and we still have some packs of Italian sausages that we bought and froze in the freezer, so we used a pack of Italian sausges with fennel.


When we cooked a sausage casserole a couple of months ago without any recipe, it came out really nice so we cooked it in a very similar way today.  We browned outside of sausages, added celery (large chunks), banana shallots (whole) and sauteed for a few minutes, then added water, vegetable stock (I use Japanese organic one that doesn’t have much salt), carrots (large chunks), small potatoes (we didn’t use potatoes last time but did this time) and petit tomatoes (because we had a lot left in the fridge), cooked it on a low heat for 20 minutes or so.  We then added puy lentils and cooked for 10 or 15 minutes more, until the lentls are to our liking.  As these sausages are quite salty we didn’t use any additional salt, just put in some pepper at the end.  These sausages are very strongly flavoured so I cannot eat much when we just grill them but when you cook them this way the salt gets out into the soup and they become less salty and more enjoyable.  Vegetables are also very tasty and the soup is delicious, too.  We will put the left-over in a blender and make soup for lunch sometime this week.





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