Garden Update


It was raining and blowing yesterday (I feel we have a lot of windy days here) and the pots with our new bay trees with bulbs in the soil that were planted as a part of the garden renovation were knocked down by the wind and one of the pots was broken. We are very sad about the pot because they were presents from my brother-in-law and his wife when we moved to England.




The bay trees were much taller than we expected and I was saying to my husband that I was worried about them being knocked over and they were.  We couldn’t leave it like that because our neighbours will need to drive on the road in front of us so my husband cleared it up in the rain and wind.  He contacted our garden designer and she came over in the afternoon and planted them near the patio we have away from the house and I think they look quite nice there.  We’ll have shorter trees (maybe olive trees) in pots to place at our main door.





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