Beef Casserole


The clock went back in the middle of last night.  Days were getting very short and now it becomes dark even earlier.  The sunset was 4:36pm today,  The weather is often cloudy or rainy this time of year so it gets dark so early, this is wet and dark time in England.  Still, as we lived in Hong Kong and Singapore, where there aren’t many clear seasons (we did have short winter in Hong Kong but almost no season change in Singapore, it was just hot or hotter), I feel we don’t mind autumn/winter as much as many others.  We like spending time inside the house, which makes it easier.


We tend to cook casseroles more often when it gets colder and today’s dinner was Beef Casserole.  Stewing beef works well in Japan but in Hong Kong, Singapore and here stewing beef becomes very dry when cooked for a long time so we try to get shin of beef whenever we can, in which case it becomes tender but not dry.

ビーフの煮込みはどんな煮込みにするは決まっていなくて、作る度に違うレシピで作るものの1つ。今日は、ジェイミー・オリバーの Melt-in-your-mouth shin stew」のレシピ使いました。変えたのはお野菜の量を少し増やしたのと、人参を大きくごろごろと乱切りにしたこと、途中何度かお湯を足したこと、他はレシピの通りです。とても美味しく出来ました。マッシュポテトとブロッコリーと一緒に。

I don’t have a particular favourite recipe for beef casserole, I tend to try a different recipe often and today we tried Jamie Oliver’s “Melt-in-your-mouth shin stew”.  We added extra vegetables and cut carrots in larger chunks and we needed to add some hot water now and again but other than that, we did follow the recipe and it came out delicious.  We had it with Mashed potato and brocooli.




今日はハロウィーンですね。わたしにも夫にも馴染みのないイベントで我が家では何もしませんが、お子さんがいるお家はイギリスでも楽しいイベントになっているようで、ご近所のお子さんが3人、(ご両親と一緒に)「Trick or Treat」に来ていました。去年、一昨年はロックダウンでしていなかったので、わたしたちにとっては初めての「Trick or Treat」でした。

It’s a Halloween today.  It’s not an event my husband nor I know anything about, but children these days seem to have fun here and 3 children (with their parents) came for “Trick or Treat” tonight.  There was none of that last year or the year before because of lockdown so this was our first experience of “Trick or Treat” in England.






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