As well as twisted bread, I also baked some more regular shaped Ciabatta yesterday.  I’m calling these Ciabatta but strictly speaking I don’t think they are because I’m using strong flour, but they are in Ciabatta type of shape and the texture, I think, is similar – the crust isn’t very thick but crispy and the crumb is fluffy with a little chewiness and has lots of air holes because of the high water content.  I liked the ones I baked using flour usually meant for French baguette and dry yeast, which is lighter, but I think these that are baked with strong flour and sourdough starter are a little more chewy (but not as much as French baguette) and had a little deeper flavour and seems more ‘artisan’ type.  I like them both.


We made sandwiches using these Ciabatta with Parma Ham, onion and cornichon and it was very tasty.   A long long time ago, my husband and I travelled in Italy on trains for a couple of weeks and we would buy a lunch box at a station now and again.  It had a very simple sandwich of a ciabatta with Parma ham and a small bottle of wine, which was very tasty, we still remember them well and make a simple sandwich like this.  As we were travelling there for a little more than 2 weeks, we had quite large luggage to carry and it wasn’t easy to change trains.  It was a great holiday, though.






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