Steak Night!


Today’s dinner was Ribeye Steak, I have a feeling we hadn’t had it for quite a while.  As always I marinaded the steaks in soy sauce, honey, mirin, oil & red wine and my husband cooked them with Anova then seared outside in a very hot frying pan.  The sauce is red wine, some of the marinade, pink peppercorns & cream. The side dishes are roasted new potatoes & parsnips, plus boiled stem broccoli.  We almost always make Potato Daulphinoise with steak but we’d forgotten to buy potatoes so roasted the new potatoes that we had.


The steaks were delicious, but we especially loved the roasted parsnips.  My husband said the parsnips were the star!  All we did was salt, pepper, olive oil all over the cut parsnips and roasted at 180C for 30-40 minutes.







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