Steak Bowl (Steak Donburi)


It got a little warmer a few days ago but it didn’t last long, it’s gone cold again.  The lowest temperature is 1-4C and the highest isn’t expected to reach 10C for the next 10 days or so, no sun mark at all either on any of those days.


There was quite a lot of steak left yesterday so we used it for Steak Donburi (rice bowl).  I asked my husband if we would make a salad and miso soup to go with it but his reply was he is good with just beer.  I guess he cannot be bothered to cook much (we have been basically cooking together since he retired).  We added stir-fried bean sprouts.  The sauce is sauteed onion with garlic & ginger and a mixture of red wine, mirin & soy sauce reduced – we added the sliced steak in the sauce in the last 1 minute just so it gets warmed through.



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