Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet)




Today’s dinner was Tonkatsu, which is Japanese Pork Cutlet.   I used to be bad at deep-frying because I was worried about not cooking enough and ended up over-cooking, but since I started using a thermometer I can deep-fry well.  We are usualy told to fry meat like pork in 170-180C oil but I find it a lot easier to start frying at around 140C and let the temprature go up slowly to 180C, that way when it is nice and brown outside inside is cooked but still tender and juicy.  I cut the fillet of pork into inch thick pieces, tenderise them using the back of a knife by tapping on both sides, then put it in strong flour (I find strong flour better than all purpose flour), tap it so excess flour falls off, put it in egg (that has been whisked lightly to mix white and yolk), then cover it with breadcrumbs, put it back in the egg again and then give it a final coating of breadcrumbs.  Then deep fry them.  The sauce is a mixture of Tonkatsu, whole grain mustard and roasted and crushed sesame seeds.


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