Cheese Fondue


I had some highlights put in my hair, it’s been years since I stopped having them done.  It was going to be bordeaux colour but the result is more like reddish brown.  My real hair colour used to be very black and I’ve been having the roots coloured in black, so depending on the reaction of the black dye, the bleach and the red dye, the final colour would come out differently, so I cannot really blame the hair dresser.  I was a bit bored with the black hair so it made a change adding some texture  anyway.



Today’s dinner was Cheese Fondue as it’s Friday!  As always we had it with boiled new potatoes, boiled carrots, Parma Ham, salami, cornichon, and a large salad.  The recipe for the Cheese Fondue is here.  In the salad, we used tomato, onion, pepper, celery, apple, rocket & romaine lettuce.






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