Mini Cannelle


There were supposed to be a coffee morning gathering at our place with our neighbours (just 2 ladies) this morning, but I decided to ask them to put it off until next year.  Although my cold is much better and I’m hardly coughing any longer, I know it’s a very busy and important time of year and nobody wants to come down with even the lightest cold now and with the current situation with Omicron I felt it’s better that way.


However, I had prepared the batter for mini Cannelle four days ago and it’s been sitting in the fridge, so  baked them and asked my husband to take some to the ladies who were going to come over today.  These are mini Cannelle that I learned at a French Baking Class that my friend runs that I learned in Singapore.  They are crunchy outside, slightly bitter from caramelisation and chewy inside.  Not very sweet because it’s baked until slightly bitter and very moorish.  This was the first time I baked them in England using our oven, so I do need to adjust the temperature/timing a little before I can make them as perfect as I can.  I was told that you should bake them until just before it burns too much, which isn’t easy to judge, and I might’ve baked slightly too long.  Maybe I’ll try 1 minute less to bake at the higher temperature next time.  They are delicious anyway.  However, I think I put slightly too much batter in each, they puffed up a lot and they would not stand up.




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