Marinaded Chicken With Roasted Vegetables


Today’s dinner was marinaded chicken breasts (I often marinade them in lemon juice, olive oil & garlic but I added some yoghurt today also) with roasted vegetables.  I used to often cook chicken breast this way (without the yoghurt) and used it in a salad with avocado and mango in Hong Kong and Singapore but here it’s very hard to get avocado or mango that tastes good, so I haven’t cooked them this way for a long time.  Today, I added yogurt (I didn’t think the taste and the texture were very different but thought it took shorter to get good flavour from the marinade because it clings to the chicken well) to the marinade, we squeezed on more lemon juice  and had it with roasted vegetables.  The vegetables we used today are Brussel’s sprouts, carrot, parsnip, red pepper & potato.



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