Helleborus (Christmas Roses)


Our garden designer came to plant some Helleborus (it’s known as Christmas Roses in Japan) this afternoon.  (I’m glad that the weather turned out to be lovely today.)  Although we have a planting design map with all the names of the plants written on, they don’t say when they will be planted and we don’t know until our garden designer contacts us and tells us what is coming when each time.   I’m sure she told us before but there are so many of them that we cannot really remember.


She planted 2 types of Helleborus, one is a dark purplish red like burgundy and the other is white with some pink in the middle.  As our garden was done recently, except the few cyclamens that we planted (they have shrunk so small now they aren’t very visible any more) there haven’t been any flowers out, so it is lovely that there are some flowers we can see now.  The flowers are almost always looking down so it’s hard to see them, though.








There have been many shoots coming up everywhere.   These are probably daffodils.




These are crocus.




The anemone leaves are getting larger.




At the end of this month, a lot of snowdrops will be planted, too.


これは、クリスマスに宿泊した Gidleigh Park Hotel からいただいたクリスマスプレゼントの水仙。あれから数日でぐんぐん成長していました。数日家の中に置いていたのですが、寒くないとお花が咲かないと読んだので外に出しています。以前お友達からいただいた水仙の鉢植えはずっと家の中に入れていたせいか、蕾はつけたのに咲かなかったんですよね。これは、咲いてくれるかな。

This is a pot of daffodils (or narcicus) that we had from Gidleigh Park Hotel as one of the Christmas presents when we stayed there over Christmas. They grew very quickly in the following few days.  We were keeping them inside for a few days but I read that they don’t flower if it’s not cold so we took it outside.  We had a small pot of narsicus from friends a couple of years ago and some buds did appear but they never opened, so I hope these ones will.




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