Cake & Daffodils

木曜日に「La Patisserie」で買ったケーキ、まだ半分ずつ2切れ残っていたので、今日お茶といただきました。美味しかったです!

There were 2 halves left of the tarts we bought on Thursday at “La Patisserie” so we had a half each at tea time today, they were still very nice.




This time of year, you find these daffodils in every supermarket in England, sold at 1 pound for a dozen.  They are sold when the buds are still  small and greenish and 12 of them tied together, so they look like Chinese garlic chives.  We bought these yesterday but they are already quite open today and I guess all will be open tomorrow, they open quickly and don’t last long.  I do like seeing them in nature because I feel they are telling you that the spring isn’t far away but to be honest they aren’t the sort of flowers that I love having at home because the colour seems too bright.   However, I still feel like buying them a few times during the season.


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