Dinner At The Red Lion

前述のナショナルトラスト Nyman’s の Iginite を見たあとは、すぐ近くにあるRed Lionというパブで夕食をいただきました。夫は、シーバス。

After Ignite at Nymans, we had dinner at “The Red Lion” near Nymans.  My husband had Seabass.




I had Chicken Milanese.  I thought the one in the blue bowl was some kind of tomato salad, but it was pasta with tomato sauce.  It’s my fault because I didn’t read the menu properly, I saw “Chicken Milanese” and decided to have it, the menu did say it comes with linguine.  It was very enjoyable once I added some salt although I wasn’t able to eat all as the portion was quite large.




After that, my husband and I shared a Sticky & Toffee Pudding.  We had 1 beer, 1 bottle of red wine, 1 bottle of sparkling wine between the four of us and our share was 62 pounds.


We chatted whie we had the dinner to catch up with each other and had a lovely evening.






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