Nyman’s Ignite

今日はお友達に誘っていただいた、ナショナルトラスト Nymans のお庭の「Igniate(イグナイト)」という催し(?)を見に行きました。暗いので写真はあまり撮りませんでしたが、何枚か撮ったのでアップしておきます。歩く道は狭くてそこそこ混んでいたのでゆるゆると歩いて1時間くらいでしょうか。あちらこちらにライトアップがされていて、きのこや鳥や可愛らしい森の小人(?)のようなものなどが飾られていました。

Our friends asked us if we wanted to go to “Ignite” of Nymans (National Trust) with them so we joined them today.  As it’s very dark we didn’t take many photos but did take some, some were taken by myself and some by my husband.  The path was quite narrow and there were quite a lot of people so we walked very slowly looking at the displays of cute toadstools, a bird, fish, little people (?) etc.








The manor house lit up in red looked very impressive.






I didn’t research in advance and I only knew it was going to be some light ups so I was expecting it to be something like Luminarie in Kobe, so it was totally different, but it was quite fun.  Many families with small children were there, too.  As we don’t go out very often at night, it was different and fun.




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