Garden Update


I took these photos a few days ago, so in this photo, no narcissus flowers are completely open, but one of them was yesterday.   Many narcissus have buds now.




There are many crocuses with flowers, too, but photos don’t seem to show them very well because they are so little. There are some leaves that look like tulips, we aren’t sure what they are.  If they are tulips, they must be the ones that my husband planted the year before last year because no tulips were planted in the garden this year.


クリスマスに Gidleigh Park ホテルからいただいたポットの水仙、今は全部咲いています。全部と言っても4つだけで、葉っぱはたくさん育ったのにお花は4つしかつきませんでした。

The daffodils that we had from Gidleigh Park at Christmas are all open now – there are many leaves/stems but only 4 flowers.




This is a pot we have in front of our main door, my husband planted some bulbs in February.  We had 2 of these pots and at first we had bay trees in them but they were very thin and tall and fell on their sides with the strong wind one day and one of them was broken.  The narcissus are different from the ones in the photo above, they are shorter and the leaves are very pale yellow rather than vivid yellow.  Some crocuses started to flower, too.




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