West Dean Gardens


It was a beautiful day today after a few not-very-nice days.  The sunset time is getting closer to 6.00pm and it doens’t feel too wintery any more.  When I checked the weather forecast today, I thought “Oh, how strange, I saw rain marks from Wednesday or Thursday for a week or so when I checked last night…?” because I saw many sun with cloud marks, then realised I was looking at the forecast for Kobe.  No wonder…




せっかく良いお天気だったので、ランチの後、車で20分程度のところにある「West Dean Gardens」に行って、広大な敷地内のパークウォークをゆっくりと歩いてきました。West Dean Gardens にはこれまで何度か行っていますが、いつもはお花が植えられているお庭部分を歩いていて、このパークウォークを歩くのは初めて。夫のiPhoneの記録を見ると4キロになっていますが、わたしのは約5キロ、7200歩歩いたとなっています。(わたしのは駐車場から駐車場に戻るまで、下の夫のはパークウォークのみ)途中、木々の中を歩くときつつきが木をつついている音が聞こえたり、フクロウの「ほほほほ〜」が聞こえたり。急な坂道ではありませんが、途中までは少しずつ上り坂です。上り坂は苦手ですが、この程度なら疲れすぎず、距離もちょうど良い距離でした。

Anyway, as it was such a lovely day, we decided to go to “West Dean Gardens”, which is about 20 minutes by car from us, and walked their “Park Walk” slowly.  We’d been to West Dean Gardens a few times before but we’d always walked the gardens, where you would see flowers, and had never walked this Park Walk.  My husband’s phone’s record shows we walked 4km but mine says 5.2km and 7,230 steps.  (Mine includes the distance between the car park and the start of the walk.)  We heard a woodpecker pecking a tree and also heard “hohohoooo” of an owl in the woods.  Although it wasn’t steep, the walk did have quite a long climb (82m total rise) but it wasn’t too bad.  Not too tough and quite a nice distance for someone like me, who isn’t so fit.




There were many doffadils/narcisus but I think many more to come.




I don’t know what flowers these are, they have a shape of margaret flowers but in purple and very short.







We saw just a small number of snowdrops, I think the majority is gone.







You can see sheep very close, too.  We didn’t see any lambs yet.




We have their membership so can go in with free of charge, so I hope we can go there often this year.  Not a lot of flowers now but you’ll see a lot of flowers from spring until the end of autumn.  Since the lockdown we had to book tickets online but since all the restrictions have been lifted we can go without booking, so it’s easier now.  We’d like to go there when the weather is nice so it was a problem that you had to make bookings in advance when you could not be sure of how the weather would be on the day.


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