Carluccio’s In Chichester


Just like yesterday, it’s quite cold but lovely and sunny today.


I went to a hair salon this morning and had lunch afterwards with my husband at Carluccio’s.  Incidentally, there wasn’t a single person in the hair salon, who was wearing a mask.  I wore mine and my hairdresser did ask me if I wanted him to wear one, but I didn’t feel it was fair to ask since they are not obliged to.  In supermarkets, some people are still wearing them but it’s getting fewer.


To start we shared a tomato Bruschetta – it was huge.  The toasted bread was nice and crispy but tomatoes were very sour!




My husband had Papadelle with Ragu, which wasn’t made with mince beef but chopped beef.  He said it was a bit too dry but tasted quite nice.  I wish they added some water from cooking pasta to moisten the sauce a little.



I had “Veganesca”, which is a vegetarian version of Puttanesca – it had tomato, olives, capers, chilli, raisins, nuts, garlic & breadcrumbs.

Like my husband’s pasta, this was also a little too dry but still quite tasty.  I had this Veganesca when we went to one of their chain restaurants for the first time and it was tasty so I have been mostly ordering this dish but it’s quality varies.  There was a time when the pasta was so over-cooked and wasn’t pleasant to eat.  Sometimes it’s more like sauce, sometimes it’s more like chopped ingredients as it was today.  It was tasty this time anyway.







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