Garden Update (Planting Chocolate Cosmos)


Chocolate Cosmos (young plants) arrived finally so we planted them in the garden.  The soil of our garden is very tough and as it’s clay type it’s like a lot of hard balls so it was very hard to break it.  I know there are ways to make it softer by adding certain things but we didn’t have them today and wanted to do the planting today, so we just did our best.  I sort of assumed that some soil conditioning had been done when they renovated our garden but maybe they did but it needs repeating.  Anyway, we planted the Cosmos and hope they’ll be OK.  We may move them to the planters which will be installed on the square patio.


I helped a little, just to plant the chocolate cosmos, but my husband was working all day in the garden building the planters and preparing the soil for the cosmos.





The mock orange didn’t flower very much last year, but we can see a lot of buds and some flowers now.






The tulips that we planted in the large round planters have started to flower, too.  We did 2 round planters – one is flowering but the tulips in the other are only leaves at this point.




The area in front of the patio in the back of the garden has a lot of plants coming out, I think these are alliums, there are supposed to be 2 or 3 different kinds of alliums.




The 3 amelanchier trees that we had planted in November also finally started to have blossoms.






The cherry trees on the green in front of our house started having some very tight buds.  It seems too slow but reading my blog it was in late April when they blossomed last year.




Other trees on the green like pears and apples have plump buds or blossoms.









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