Sunday Roast

今日は、先週の日曜日に続いて再び別のお友達ご夫婦とサンデー・ローストにご一緒しました。今回も先週と同じホテルThe Millstream)のレストラン。たまたま、2週続きました。

We had Sunday Roast again with another couple of friends at the same restaurant in the same hotel (The Millstream).  It was just a coincidence that we had Sunday Roast two weeks in a row.


This time I had roast beef and my husband had roast pork.  Beef comes with Yorkshire pudding and I shared it with my husband.  Other than Yorkshire pudding, they came with roast parsnip, carrot, potato, boiled cabbage.  Beef came with horseradish and the pork came with apple sauce.


I didn’t take photos but my husband had smoked salmon, my friend’s husband also had a starter (I didn’t see what it was).  My friend had roast pork, her husband had roast beef.  We shared Apple & Berry Crumble between couple.  With a bottle of sparkling water, 1 glass of carbonated soda,  1 glass of sparkling wine, 1 pint of beer, 1 glass of red wine and the bill was 69 pounds per couple.





We chatted a lot catching up with each other, enjoyed the meal and had a very nice afternoon together.



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