French Patisserie Lesson / Gateau Fruits Rouge & Pink Boule de Neige

今日は、ズームによる今月のフランス菓子教室(Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru)のレッスンでした。教えていただいたのは、

  • Gateau Fruits Rouge (赤いフルーツのケーキ)
  • Pink Boule de Neige (ピンクのスノーボール)

I took a French Baking Class of  Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru today.  We baked 2 items.

  • Gateau Fruits Rouge (Cake of Red Berries)
  • Pink Snowballs


Gateau Fruits Rouge is the main item, it’s a cake made with a mousse of strawberries and raspberries and there is white chocolate bavaroise in the middle.  We had 1/4 each at tea time, very nice and light and we could have easily finished the rest but we are keeping it until tomorrow.


As it’s a very pretty cake, although it’s not really my style, I styled it in a pretty and cute way.






Pink Snowballs.  They dry inside of your mouth completely!  I find that the slight acidity from the dried strawberry powder is unexpected and lovely.  They went very quickly.




Last month’s lesson was a tough one, there was a lot to prepare in advance and the lesson was very long.  This time, it seemed so much easier comparing to last month’s.

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