Holiday Day 16 / Inverness Day 7 (Thai Dinner)

今日でインバネスのロッジでの滞在は最後。最後の夕食は、「Thai Dining」というタイ料理レストランに行きました。

So today is the last day here in Inverness and we went to “Thai Dining” in town for the last dinner.


We parked our car at a shopping centre car park this time and just as we were getting in the car park we realised it closes at 9:00pm. The table was booked at 7:30pm and we should be leaving the restaurant a little after 8:30 pm, which should be plenty of time usually but we have been to some restaurants in Scotland, where the service was extremely slow so we couldn’t help worrying about the time. (We had enough time.)


We ordered Vegetable Spring Rolls (deep-fried), Prawn Toasts, Pork Laab (salad) and Chicken Green Curry. The spring rolls and prawn toasts were so so, but Pork Laab and Chicken Green Curry were excellent, better than the ones we get in the Thai restaurants we sometimes go to near home.


When the staff asked us if we wanted Laab and Curry spicy, we first said ‘yes’ but then I said, “… but not extremely spicy.” Then the staff asked if we wanted medium and we said yes, and we were glad we asked for medium rather than spicy because both of them were quite spicy. I think this is the first one we had kaffier lime leaves in Laab in the UK and I really liked the balance of sourness and saltiness. The chicken in green curry was tender and not gamy, the curry didn’t have too much coconut milk to make it too sweet as they often do, it was light, spicy and tasty.


We would have had Banana Fritter as we tend to do, something sweet would have calmed down our tingling tongs, but we decided not to have a dessert today as we were a little worried about the time.


We had 2 small bottles of beer, one small bottle of sparkling water and the bill was 70 pounds after we added a tip. We’ve been to a few Thai restaurants in Scotland on this trip and we find them on an expensive side comparing to England.


The wi-fi speed in this lodge is very fast comparing to other places we stayed at on this trip so blogging has been easier, but we guess the wi-fi speed at the hotels we are going to staying at in the next few days may be slower and I may have problem with blogging again.

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