Soup & Salad (Chicken & Mango Salad)


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.  For the soup we whizzed the left-over vegetables from the Sausage & Vegetable Casserole that we cooked the other day after adding some water.



The salad was Chicken & Mango Salad.  I needed a good mango today for the baking class (just to decorate the mousse cake).  We’ve bought mango from supermarkets a few times but they were awful, so I ordered some from an Indian grocery shop online.  As I ordered a small box of them I thought we can use one for this salad.  A lovely avocado would have made it even more delicious.  As always I marinaded the chicken breast in lemon juice, garlic & olive oil, seared the outside then cooked it through in the oven for 12 minutes or so.  The salad also has romaine lettuce and mint.  I made the dressing with Raspberry vinegar, honey, olive oil, salt & pepper.



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