Lunch At Dishoom

エジンバラで2回も Dishoom に行ったので今回のロンドンではもういいよね、と言っていたのですが、結局今日、また行ってしまいました(笑)。

We were saying, “We went to Dishoom twice when we were in Edinburgh recently, so we won’t go to Dishoom in London, will we?”, but we did go today for lunch after all.


We sat at a table near the sofa area. We had sat on one of the sofas once but we found it hard to eat on a sofa with a low table. It does add something funky, though.


Vegetable samosas that we always order. They are very tasty but very small, we always feel like having more and we did order 2 plates once in Edinburgh but we thought maybe 1 plate each was a little too much today.


We tried “Chilli & Broccoli Salad”, which we loved when we tried in Edinburgh and still love. This time the broccoli wasn’t so crunchy, I wonder if it was prepared well in advance. I thought more crunchy is nicer but it was still very good.


Gunpowder Potato. They were very nice, too, but too much for 2 people, we couldn’t finish them.


Chicken Curry. It’s not very spicy, and on the sweet side, but it’s very tasty.


We also had 1 Naan and 1 steamed rice.


My husband had 2 small bottles of beer and I had a bottle of sparkling water. Though we left small amount of potatoes and curry, we enjoyed everything. It was 58 pounds including tax & service.


Their restaurants are all very good, the staff are all very friendly and pleasant and the food is all very good. I wish they opened a restaurant in Chichester!

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