Dahlia (Garden Update)

ダリア、1輪目が咲きました!「Verrone’s Obsidian」という種類で、ちょっと変わっている形とダークな色に魅かれて選びました。もう少し花びらが開きますが、開いてもお星様のような形の花びらです。とっても可愛い!たくさん蕾がついているので、たくさん咲くのが楽しみです。

The first Dahlia now has a flower!  This one is called Verrone’s Obsidian, I chose it because I liked the unusual shape and the dark colour.  The petals will open up more but the flower still has a star-like shape, very pretty.  It has a lot of buds so I’m looking forward to seeing them open up.




This one also looks almost ready to flower.  We have 6 different types of dahlias so I’m looking forward to seeing what shape this one is.

良い香りのデイビッド・オースティンの James Galway、綺麗に咲きました。蕾もたくさんついています。

David Austin’s “James Galway” rose has a few beautiful flowers as well as lots of buds.   They have such a lovely fragrance.


The other rose plant also started to have some buds.  I didn’t see them when I was taking the photo (because I wasn’t wearing glasses) but the buds have lots of insects.  I asked my husband to cut them off just now and it looked like they are ants.  Ants again!  Apparently ants don’t harm any plants but they may be there because of some harmful insects, so we need to watch out.


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