Lunch At Hungry Guest Cafe (Petworth)

今日はペットワースの美容院に行き、終わったのが丁度お昼だったのでペットワースのカフェ「Hungry Guest Cafe」でランチをしました。コロナのロックダウン前に何度か行っていましたが、その後クローズして、別の場所再オープンしたのを今日まで知らず。1年も前に再オープンしたそうです。

I went to my hair salon this morning and finished around lunch time, so we went to the “Hungry Guest Cafe” for lunch.  We had been to their original cafe a couple of times before lockdown, but it closed and we didn’t know that it had reopened in a different place.  Apparently it re-opened a year or so ago, how come we didn’t know until today?


My husband had Smashed avocado and smoked salmon on toast with scrambled egg.



I ordered a Toastie of Roast Aubergine, Pesto & Spring Onion with 2 kinds of salad (I chose panzanella and cauliflower with Israeli couscous) but was brought an open sandwich with Parma ham, tomato & mozzarella by mistake.  I did eventually get the right one but forgot to take a photo.  The salads are the same.


The aubergine was very sour, I guess it was marinaded in vinegar after roasting, but the couscous salad had some dried fruits, which are a little sweet, so I was able to enjoy it by having the couscous salad in between bites of aubergine.


They gave us a slice of brownie as an apology for the mix-up – it was very sweet and very chocolatey, it would have been nice with coffee.




The menu is quite small, with not a lot of sandwiches, not a lot that are suitable for lunch.  We also found it quite expensive.  My sandwich with salads was 12.95 pounds and my husband’s open sandwich type of thing was 13.45 pounds.


Hungry Guest Cafe
Middle Street,
GU28 0BE

01798 342803



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