Steak Dinner At The Pub


When we were at the gathering with our neighbours the other day, our next door neighbour said they had tried “steak night” at our local pub and it was ‘delicious’.  This pub is only about 1 minute walk from our house so we would like to support them and did try lunch a few times when we first moved in but other than their Ploughman’s nothing else was good, even sandwiches weren’t, so we stopped trying sometime ago.


But we thought we should give it another try because of what our neighbours said.  In terms of the  decor, it is still pretty bad.  The part in this photo is probably the best part but the rest looks very strange.


There was only 1 couple inside, but there must have been quite a lot of people on the patio, we got there around 10 minutes to 7:00pm and the dinner finally arrived around 8:30.  As we waited for a bit before we could order so we didn’t wait for our food as long as an hour and a half but probably an hour and a quarter.  There was no starter or nibbles on the menu so all we could do while we were waiting was to drink wine – so a bottle went quite quickly.



My husband had Fillet Steak.


I had the Ribeye Steak. (My husband helpled me and had about a quarter of it.)  With the steak you get triple-fried potatoes, roasted tomatoes and a salad.   Both my husband’s and my steaks were a little too salty but still good.  However, mine came more well-done than well-done in Japan although I had asked for it to be cooked medium.  I should have asked for medium rare or even rare.



We ordered onion rings as a side dish, which were awful.  They must’ve fried them in a very low-temperature oil, they were very greasy, not edible.



For dessert we shared “Banana & Custard”, which was again awful.  I guess they fried something like filo pastry, but there was something very greasy inside that reminded us of the oniong rings that we couldn’t eat.  The custard was made of, I guess, instant custard powder, I don’t think they heated it up properly as it was luke warm and very powdery – again not edible.



So, don’t eat anything else but steak here – is what we learned.


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