Lunch At Brasserie Blanc In Chichester

今日はお昼にチチェスターの美容院の予約を入れていたので、終わってから夫と少し遅めのランチをしました。良く行く、Brasserie Blanc で。

I had an appointment at a hair salon in Chichester around lunch time, so we had a late lunch at Brasserie Blanc in Chichester.


My husband had the Beef Burger, which is what I had last time when we had lunch there.  As I found the chorizo ketchup to be overwhelming, he had it on the side so he could have just a little.


I had Moroccon Meze from the starter menu.  Falafel, Muhammara (red pepper & walnut dip), tomato & lettuce salad, Hummus, Artichoke, Aubergine & Bread (it wasn’t pita bread).  You can have a main dish size but I feel a starter size is big enough for most ladies, leaving a little space for a dessert.


For dessert, we shared a Pistachio Souffle, we tend to do this almost every time when we eat there.  The last time we ordered one each but this time just one between us.  It’s a little too small to share but, to us, a little too much for one person.




Until we finished the lunch, it was quite cloudy and felt as if it was going to rain but it didn’t, then it suddenly got very sunny and warm.  It went up to 25C (that’s what the weather app said on my phone but it was actually 26C in our garden) so I suppose it’s summer weather for England.  It has been steadily getting warmer in the last few days.  It does cool down in the evening and even feels a little chilly downstairs, but it gets warm in our bedroom and we’ve been using the airconditioning now and again through the nights.


The weather is forecasted to be good for the next 10 days or so and the temperature will go up to 26C where we are, and over 30C in London.


Our nephew is gettig married in Oxford this Saturday and we’ll be there – it looks like it’ll be very hot in Oxford, too.



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