Today’s dinner was Bibimbap,  We used the left-over steak from last night by cutting it thinly and warming it up in a sauce that had been reduced.  Vegetables we use were carrots, beansprouts, green beans, garlic chives (that we are growing in the garden), Romaine Lettuce (I saw a Korean giuy using lettuce in his bibimbap on Youtube), green onion, shiso (that we are growing in our garden, but the sauce had such strong taste that we couldn’t taste shiso), Kimchee, sesame seeds & fried egg.


The Gochujang (Korean red chilli paste) that we find here is very spicy so I added some sugar, soy sauce & vinegar, and drizzled some sesame oil on top.  I bought 2 small steel frying pans (the handle can be attached and detached) from Japan so we used them to serve in. I should have heated them up a little longer but they kept the Bibimbap nice and warm whilst we were eating it – it was very tasty.


The only thing is that Bibimbap doesn’t look much but it’s quite a lot of work and there was a lot of washing up.





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