French Patisserie Lesson (Roule au Caramel & Scones Salee Aux Tomatoes Sechees

昨日は、ズームによる今月のフランス菓子教室(Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru)のレッスンでした。今日教えていただいたのは、

  • キャラメル・ロール・ケーキ
  • ドライトマトとベーコンの塩味スコン

I took French Baking Class of  Ecole de Patisserie Chez Haru and baked :

  • Roule au Caramel
  • Scones Salee aux Tomatoes Sechees (Savory Scones with Dried Tomatoes & Bacon)



Today’s lesson finished in less than 2 and a half hours, so it was a relatively easy one.  Shaping the Swiss Roll was difficult, it’s something you need to practice.  I love slightly bitter caramel flavoured cakes so it was delicious.   There is more left for tomorrow and maybe even for another day (it can be frozen).  I’m told it’ll be even better tomorrow as the sponge part will get more moist.



Savory scones were also good.  I took a couple of them to our next door neighbour and received a message from her later saying “I loved them, I ate both of them so don’t tell my husband!”


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