Wedding Anniversary Dinner

ということで、結婚記念日の今日のディナーは、チチェスターの「Viento De Levante」というタパスのレストランに行ってきました。7時半の予約で7時ごろに家を出たので、丁度日没時間で夕焼けがとても綺麗でした。

We went to “Viento De Levante” in Chichester for our wedding anniversary dinner.   We hadn’t been there before but the reviews were so good and there aren’t any special restaurants around here so we decided to try it.  We booked a table at 7:30pm and left home around 7:00pm so we saw the beautiful evening sky on our way.



It was in a basement, not very large.


On the menu it was written that their portions are larger than usual tapas size and they recommend 3 or 4 dishes per person – so we ordered 7 dishes.


The one in the front is chicken in tomato sauce.


Garlic bread.


Potato with tomato sauce.


Sauteed chorizo with wine.  It was very ‘porky’ for me, so I couldn’t eat it.


Sauteed pork fillet, again too porky for me.




Chicken mince balls.



My husband had Honeycomb cheesecake for dessert.


I had ToffeeApple crumble ice cream.  We couldn’t taste apple, toffee or crumble…



Including a large bottle of sparkling water, 2 glasses of red wine (1 large, 1 small) and the service charge, it was less than 50 pounds, which seems so inexpensive for England.    We believe that the reason why they are so popular was this price.  The level of cooking is probably more or less the standard level of restaurants in England  (except London) so it was OK but  there wasn’t any that made us go “yummy”, so  I don’t think we’ll go back.



Like I wrote the other day, the temperature has gone down quite fast.  It’s warm enough during the day but it really is cold in the evenings already.  I wore a light top and a thick cardigan but I felt very cold to walk from the car park to the restaurant, which was only 2 minutes.  I wished I had wore a coat.  My craft room is also very cold at night so we already put the under floor heating on.  I was using the air-conditioning to cool down the room only a week ago.


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