Lunch At Carluccio’s In Chichester

今日は夕方からベイキングのレッスンを入れていたので、しっかりランチを食べて夜は適当に済ませることにし、久しぶりに久しぶりにチチェスターの Carluccio’s に行きました。

As I was going to be taking a baking lesson (on Zoom) in the evening, we decided to have a big lunch and have something very little in the evening so went to Carluccio’s in Chichester, where we hadn’t been for a long time.


To start my husband had Chicken Liver Pate, which he seems to have enjoyed.


I had “freshly baked focaccia with garlic butter” but I didn’t enjoy this.  It wasn’t freshly baked, I don’t think, but was very dry and not pleasant.



My husband’s main was Ravioli with ricotta cheese & spinach filling.  He said it became boring after a few pieces.  He tends to order ravioli in Italian restaurants often and I don’t dislike them but I also get tired of it after a few of them.



I had Veganesca Spaghetti, which is a vegan version of Puttanesca.  It would have been nicer if the sauce was a little more moist but it tasted good.  Too much sauce, though, so I left most of it.




After lunch, we walked in the town of Chichester, went into a few shops, tried a few clothes, which we hadn’t done much of since we moved to England because the first couple of months was too busy then we had lockdown.  I know it’s been a while since lockdown was released but somehow we hadn’t got back into the habit of going into shops, so it was quite nice to do it today.  Not that there are enough interesting enough shops here, but there are some.


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