Lunch With Friends & Embroidery Gathering (& Christmas Cards)

今日はお隣のお友達に誘っていただいてメンバーになった刺繍会のような集まりがある日だったので、ご一緒してきました。基本的に2週間に1度の集まりで、そのうち1日はアランデルのパブ The White Swan のお部屋を借りているので、前回と同じようにそのパブで集まりがある前にお友達とランチをしました。

A few weeks ago our next door neighbour friend invited me to join an embroidery gathering that meets in Arundel and I decided after that to become a member. Today was the day of the regular gathering which is usually held every 2 weeks, and it took place at one of the locations they use, The White Swan pub in Arundel.  Like last time I had lunch with our next door friend at the pub before the gathering.


I ordered a Club Sandwich, which was very good, but very thick and impossible to hold and bite like a normal sandwich so I had to use knife and fork.  It was very filling so I wasn’t able to have many of the chips.




Last time there were only 6 people or so at the gathering but today there were 12 of us including some who hadn’t been there for a few months.  They are all very friendly and kind and I find it very comfortable sitting with them.  I stitched on some parts I will be using to incorporate into some of the Christmas cards I am currently making.



Last year I was very late to to start making cards, so this year I started relatively early.  Having said that, each card takes a long time to make so I cannot see the end of them yet.



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