今日の夕食は、煮込みの季節になったので「Fine Food Specialist」から取り寄せたフェネル入りのイタリアン・ソーセージ(生タイプ)とお野菜と。入れたお野菜は、玉ねぎ、人参、ベビーリーク(長ネギ風のもの)、セロリ、ポテト、キャベツ。プイ・レンティルも少し加えました。ローリエの葉とタイムと茅乃舎の野菜出しも。ソーセージは長く煮込むと味が抜けてしまうのでお野菜類とレンティルを10分ほど煮てから焼いて加え、さらに20分。

As it’s getting wintery, we had Pot-Au-Feu, using Italian sausages with fennel from Fine Food Specialist as well as various vegetables – onion, carrot, baby leek, celery, potato & cabbage.  We also added a little Puy lentils, a bay leaf, thyme & Japanese organic vegetable stock powder.  Sausages tend to lose too much flavour if cooked too long here so we cooked the vegetables and lentils for 10 minutes, then added the pan-browned sausages and cooked it all for a further 20 minutes.


I never know what dish to use to serve Pot-Au-Feu because when you put it on a plate you cannot have the soup much and when you put it in a bowl it’s very hard to eat large pieces of vegetables and sausages with a knife and fork.  These sausages are quite salty as they are but they release some of the salt into the soup and become less salty but still full of flavour this way, they were very tasty and the vegetables were very sweet.  We decided to use plates and keep the soup for another day.  There are lots of vegetables left as well so we’ll make a curry from them.




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