Vegetable Curry


It was raining on and off all day again today.  It looks like the next 3 days will be better, but the temperature will be going down and expected to be as low as 3C on Saturday.  It has been slowly going down and it felt quite cold today in the house, so we put the central heating back on this evening.  Looking at the forecast, it’ll be wintery temperatures from now on so I don’t expect we’ll turn it off until probably May next year.


Today’s dinner was Vegetable Curry using the left-over Pot-Au-Feu from last night, adding some pumpkin, carrot & potato.  We used Japanese curry roux so it is Japanese curry, I suppose, but I cook it more like Indian, meaning I sauté onion & garlic (we ran out of ginger), various spices then add some tomatoes from a tin. Quite a lot of it is left over so some went in the freezer.

カレーといえば、以前も書いたような気もするのですが、イギリスでは「カツカレー」が流行っていて、スーパーでも「カツカレーソース」などとよく見かけるのですが、イギリスの人がどういう意味で「カツカレー」を使われているのか知りたいところ。なぜなら、中身がなんであれ(揚げていないチキンだとか鯖だとか)、「カツカレー」と書かれているのです。そして、ココナッツミルクが入っていたりもするようです。インド風ではない小麦粉を入れたカレーをそう呼んでいるっぽい。元々、Wagamama という人気の「和食」のお店があって(和食とは程遠いけど)、そこのチキンを揚げたものがのったカレーが「カツカレー」としてとても人気らしくて(わたしも食べてみましたが、撃沈でした)、多分そこから広がったのではないかと思うのですがどうなのでしょう。

Talking about Japanese curry, I might’ve written about it before but “Katsu Curry” has been very popular in England and  I see things like “Katsu Curry Sauce” in supermarkets, which I find very strange.  Whatever is inside – chicken without frying or even some fish  (or nothing else other than sauce) – they call it “Katsu Curry”.   Some of these sauces or dishes even contain coconut milk.  The word “Katsu” is from “Cutlet” and it’s always thin meat, breaded and deep-fried – typically pork. Katsu Curry is a curry sauce and rice, topped with breaded and deep-fried thin pork loin (it can also be chicken and it would then be called “Chicken Katsu Curry”, but not usually). So whatever meat is served with the curry sauce it’s definitely not Katsu Curry and I don’t really understand what is Katsu Curry sauce or Katsu Curry Flavour crisps or whatever, it should really be “Japanese curry” – although I don’t think people make it necessarily in a Japanese style, because we don’t use coconut milk in a Japanese curry as coconut milk is something we weren’t familiar with until very recently in Japan.



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