Cake & Tea/Coffee With Friends At Pallant Cafe

昨日の午後、お友達からお電話があって「暇してるんだけど、明日、予定ある?なかったら、どこかでお茶とケーキでもどう?」と嬉しいお誘いがありました。「美味しいケーキが食べられるところが良いんだけど〜。」とおっしゃるのですが、田舎には美味しいケーキが食べられるカフェなどないのですよね〜。お互いにネット検索してみて、Pallant House Gallery の中にあるカフェに行くことになりました。

A friend phoned me yesterday afternoon saying, “I’m bored!  Are you doing anything tomorrow?  If not, how about having tea and cake somewhere together?”  She said she wanted to have nice cake and we searched online but there aren’t really any such places in an area like this.  In the end we decided to go to the café in Pallant House Gallery.


My husband and I had Victoria Sponge, my friend said she would start to eat the butter cream first because she loves it – my husband said he would leave his until the end. The butter cream was quite sweet and there was more than enough of it for me.  I had the impression that Victoria Sponge tends to be quite rough and dry but this one was fine and moist, it tasted like it had a lot of almond flour, very nice.




We chatted over coffee/tea for a couple of hours before parting and had a lovely afternoon.  By the time we came home around 4:00pm, it was getting dark and wintery.



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